Centre for Entrepreneurship And Leadership Training (CELT)

Dr. Adeyeye Adewole
Ag. Director, CELT

I welcome you on behalf of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training (CELT) of Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH) Okitipupa. Nigeria.
The Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training (CELT) is an entrepreneurship and vocational training hub of the university where students are properly trained and exposed to the rudiments of learnable skills including basic entrepreneurial capabilities.
The aim is to ensure that the journey through the university by our students is adequately complemented by exposure to learnable skills in order to position for self-employability during or after acquiring degrees.
The Centre also disseminates basic entrepreneurship knowledge towards effective engagements by interested member of the public.

On the whole, we have developed ten different programs to bring about expected entrepreneurial mindset for profitable engagement by our students.
I strongly encourage every students to take the entrepreneurship program with the seriousness it deserves in view of the excruciating scourge of mass unemployment ravaging the land.
Remain blessed
Adeyeye Adewole
Associate Professor/Ag. Director
Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training

Features and Activities of CELT

  • Vocational Skills
  • Entrepreneural Studies and Knowledge of Basic Business Principles
  • Collaboration with Relevant Organizations to Prosecute Various Outreach and Training Programs
  • Entrepreneurship Tourism, Workshops, Publication e.t.c
The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training(CELT) of Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH) is an initiative to help students acquire entrepreneural mindsets supported by exposure to necessary vocational skills in different areas of specialization from carefully selected and readily available vocations and skills.

This is to prepare and equip students with appropriate tools to be used in overcoming hurdles of labour market instead of joining the saturated labour market. Students are adequately prepared to be wealth creators and employers of the labour.
The centre also endeavors to impact positively on host community and Nigeria at large.
The Centre was established in line with the University mission of providing entrepreneural oriented graduates. The Centre operates through admixture of dissemination of entrepreneural knowledge, vocational skill training, implementation of National University Commission (NUC) designated entrepreneurship courses, outreach/Workshop training programs and tailor-made entrepreneurship initiatives.